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Arision Treatment Center

Arision Treatment Center, located in Woodland Hills, specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation with a focus on sustainable mental health and lasting recovery for individuals battling substance abuse. Our dedicated team of professionals collaborates to identify and address substance abuse triggers, providing strategies for overcoming them. Clients benefit from a comprehensive approach that includes individual therapy, group therapy, a structured healthy diet, exercise, and more. This holistic treatment equips them with the tools necessary to maintain their sobriety long after their time at Arision.

Seeking help for addiction is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness.

Tackling addiction alone can be incredibly challenging and often less effective than seeking help from professionals and support systems. Here are some reasons why it’s beneficial to seek assistance:

  1. Complexity of Addiction: Addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain and behavior. Professional help is often necessary to address the psychological, physical, and emotional aspects of addiction.

  2. Medical Supervision: Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and sometimes life-threatening. Medical professionals can provide supervision and medication to manage these symptoms safely.

  3. Structured Support: Rehab centers offer structured programs that provide a clear path to recovery, including individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions.

  4. Peer Support: Being around others who are going through similar struggles can provide emotional support and reduce feelings of isolation. Support groups and group therapy sessions can be incredibly beneficial.

  5. Relapse Prevention: Professionals can teach coping mechanisms and strategies to handle triggers and prevent relapse, which can be difficult to manage alone.

  6. Comprehensive Care: Treatment centers often provide holistic care, addressing not only addiction but also co-occurring mental health disorders, physical health, and overall well-being.

  7. Accountability: Regular check-ins with therapists or support groups can help maintain accountability and motivation throughout the recovery process.

  8. Resources and Education: Access to educational resources about addiction, recovery, and healthy living can empower individuals to make informed decisions and changes in their lives.

What we offer

Partial Hospitalization Program

Arision Recovery Center’s partial hospitalization program offers intensive therapy and support for substance use and mental health disorders, facilitating recovery in a structured, compassionate environment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Arision Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program provides comprehensive therapy and support for substance use and mental health challenges, offering flexibility while maintaining structured treatment to promote sustained recovery and wellness.

Dual Diagnosis

Arision Recovery Center’s dual diagnosis program offers specialized treatment for individuals facing both mental health and substance use disorders, integrating therapy, education, and support to foster holistic healing and long-term recovery.


Arision Recovery Center’s aftercare program supports ongoing recovery with personalized plans, counseling, and resources. It ensures individuals transition smoothly from intensive treatment to daily life, fostering long-term wellness and stability.

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